Workflow – Week of 28 March, 2017 (3/27 – 4/2)

So, here’s what I’ve got on tab for classes this week:

  • Programming/Algorithms II – C++ review; Lecture on Big O notation, saerching/sorting algorithms, and Bubble Sort method
  • Intro. to Java – Chapter 6 lectures on Methods and Arrays
  • Local Area Networks – Workgroup setup and filesharing labs; start server administration
  • Microeconomics – Exam 3 next week; lectures on Elasticity
  • Business Accounting – Chapter 6 homework and quizzes due next Tuesday

Personally, I’ll be working on rewriting my Game of Life project from Prog/Algo. II. My intention is to follow clean code principals as closely as possible: well-written classes, short methods, separation of interface and logic, etc. Additionally, I’m going to try to get more properly involved in the community; through Coding Blocks’ Slack channel (linked at the bottom, love these guys!), the numerous programming/tech subreddits, and my own local community of student programmers and computer technicians at the university, I should have a well-established base of people to interact with on the daily.

Not a very busy week, thankfully. Last week saw the completion and turning-in of my Game of Life project’s first iteration, an exam in both my Prog/Algo. II and Java classes, exams in my Microeconomics and Accounting classes, and a 40 hour work-week. Hopefully, this gives me some time to relax (I won’t) and play a little of the new Mass Effect (I will) inbetween work cycles.

Click here for the Coding Blocks Podcast and Slack channel, these guys are incredible.


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