Introductions are in order…

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is John Georgvich. I’m a sophomore-year, first-semester student at a state university in Pennsylvania, I’m studying Computer Science and Computer Information Systems, and I guess this is my blog.

I’m not planning on posting a whole lot of miscellaneous personal stuff here (no cat pictures, Instagram meals, etc.); if anything, a rant or two once in a while. Primarily, I’m going to use this WordPress as a platform for sharing opinions, stories, and most importantly: logging and explaining the work I do at school. The majority of the content posted here will fall into one of these extremely loose categories:

  • Gen-ed schoolwork: I’ll get to the major classes later, but I’ll be posting excerpts of essays and projects compiled for my gen-ed classes
  • Major-related schoolwork: This is the big stuff. As a CS/IS major, I’ll be posting projects and topic discussions from my major-related courses
  • Opinion ramblings: Random, off-the-wall opinion pieces whenever I feel like it. These could be product reviews, strong feelings, or just plain rants

So, who knows? This could be a great experience, or I could alienate myself entirely. For now, let’s just go with it and see what happens.

Thanks again!



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