Midnight Bite

Today, I decided to start re-working my Game of Life project from Intro. Prog/Algo. II.

Well, I’d written the above at around one o’ clock while getting ready for my LAN course.

Obviously, that thought did not get elaborated on whatsoever, so I’m writing this instead. I do that a lot: start something new and within an hour I’ve dropped it and started something new and within an hour I’ve dropped it and started something new and so on and so (painfully) forth.

In any event, I don’t really have a lot to say about the day, nor my work. Just felt I needed to get something out there for the day.


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Workflow – Week of 28 March, 2017 (3/27 – 4/2)

So, here’s what I’ve got on tab for classes this week:

  • Programming/Algorithms II – C++ review; Lecture on Big O notation, saerching/sorting algorithms, and Bubble Sort method
  • Intro. to Java – Chapter 6 lectures on Methods and Arrays
  • Local Area Networks – Workgroup setup and filesharing labs; start server administration
  • Microeconomics – Exam 3 next week; lectures on Elasticity
  • Business Accounting – Chapter 6 homework and quizzes due next Tuesday

Personally, I’ll be working on rewriting my Game of Life project from Prog/Algo. II. My intention is to follow clean code principals as closely as possible: well-written classes, short methods, separation of interface and logic, etc. Additionally, I’m going to try to get more properly involved in the community; through Coding Blocks’ Slack channel (linked at the bottom, love these guys!), the numerous programming/tech subreddits, and my own local community of student programmers and computer technicians at the university, I should have a well-established base of people to interact with on the daily.

Not a very busy week, thankfully. Last week saw the completion and turning-in of my Game of Life project’s first iteration, an exam in both my Prog/Algo. II and Java classes, exams in my Microeconomics and Accounting classes, and a 40 hour work-week. Hopefully, this gives me some time to relax (I won’t) and play a little of the new Mass Effect (I will) inbetween work cycles.

Click here for the Coding Blocks Podcast and Slack channel, these guys are incredible.

Introductions are in order…

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is John Georgvich. I’m a sophomore-year, first-semester student at a state university in Pennsylvania, I’m studying Computer Science and Computer Information Systems, and I guess this is my blog.

I’m not planning on posting a whole lot of miscellaneous personal stuff here (no cat pictures, Instagram meals, etc.); if anything, a rant or two once in a while. Primarily, I’m going to use this WordPress as a platform for sharing opinions, stories, and most importantly: logging and explaining the work I do at school. The majority of the content posted here will fall into one of these extremely loose categories:

  • Gen-ed schoolwork: I’ll get to the major classes later, but I’ll be posting excerpts of essays and projects compiled for my gen-ed classes
  • Major-related schoolwork: This is the big stuff. As a CS/IS major, I’ll be posting projects and topic discussions from my major-related courses
  • Opinion ramblings: Random, off-the-wall opinion pieces whenever I feel like it. These could be product reviews, strong feelings, or just plain rants

So, who knows? This could be a great experience, or I could alienate myself entirely. For now, let’s just go with it and see what happens.

Thanks again!